Watermelon Syrup Recipe

This Watermelon Syrup recipe is a perfect choice if you want to add a touch of summer sweetness to your meals and drinks. It’s straightforward to make without any cooking required. Just blend watermelon and sugar, and you’re set to enhance a variety of foods – from refreshing beverages to desserts like ice cream and even breakfast items such as oatmeal and yogurt. This syrup is an excellent way to bring the juicy, sweet watermelon flavors to your table all summer!

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What is Watermelon SyrupπŸ‰?

This syrup is a sweet, flavorful liquid made from watermelon juice. It’s commonly used in various drinks and desserts. Making syrup involves reducing watermelon juice with sugar until it forms a thick, syrupy consistency. This syrup captures watermelons’ fresh, summery taste, making it a popular choice for enhancing the flavor of beverages like cocktails, smoothies, and sodas.

How to Make Watermelon Simple Syrup❓

It is making process so simple and easy. No need heat for making it. We have detailed for about this recipe for making.

  • Watermelon juice
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • Lime juice.
  1. Cut the watermelon into chunks. Blend them and strain them to get the juice.
  2. Add the watermelon juice into a large bowl. And add sugar and stir until it’s mostly dissolved. This may take a few minutes.
  3. If using lemon juice, add it now and stir.
  4. Let cover the mixture for about 30 minutes to an hour. This allows the sugar to fully dissolve without heat.
  5. Strain it again the syrup is ready.
  6. Transfer the syrup into a clean bottle and Store in the refrigerator.
  7. Serve and enjoy.

Remember, without heating, the syrup might be less thick but will still have a sweet watermelon flavor. Enjoy your cold-process watermelon syrup!

πŸŒΏπŸ‰ Flavorful Variations of Watermelon Syrup

Watermelon syrup is a versatile ingredient that can be infused with various flavors to create different variations. Here are some flavorful twists you can try:

(1) 🌿 Mint-Infused Syrup

Add fresh mint leaves to the syrup mixture while it simmers. This gives a refreshing, cool twist, perfect for summer drinks.

(2) 🌱 Ginger Syrup

Add it to the boiling watermelon juice. This adds a spicy kick to the syrup and is great for cocktails or teas.

(3) 🌿 Basil Syrup

Similar to mint, adding fresh basil leaves during the simmering process infuses an aromatic, herbal flavor that pairs well with savory dishes.

(4) πŸ‚ Cinnamon Syrup

Add a cinnamon stick while simmering the syrup. This creates a warm, slightly spicy flavor, ideal for fall-inspired drinks and desserts.

(5) 🌺 Hibiscus Syrup

Steep dried hibiscus flowers in the hot watermelon syrup for a tart, berry-like flavor and a vibrant color.

Monin Syrup πŸ₯€ (Brand)

You can also find some quality commercials such as Monin watermelon syrup if you do not want to make it on your own… it tastes just like a real one and helps save time.

❀️ Why you’ll love this recipe

You’ll love this recipe because:

Simple Ingredients: It uses basic ingredients – just watermelon, sugar, and optional lemon juice. No need for any complex or hard-to-find items.

Easy to Make: The recipe is straightforward. Whether you choose to heat it or not, the process is simple, making it perfect for beginners or those with little time.

Versatile: This syrup can be used in a variety of ways – in drinks, desserts, or as a topping. It’s great for adding a sweet watermelon flavor to anything.

Customizable: You can easily adjust the sweetness to your taste or add other flavors like mint, ginger, or vanilla for a unique twist.

Natural Flavor: It captures the fresh, summery essence of watermelon, providing a natural and delightful taste.

Kid-Friendly: Children usually love the sweet, fruity flavor, making it a hit for family-friendly beverages and treats.

Perfect for Summer: It’s especially refreshing during the warmer months, adding a cool, sweet touch to your summer recipes.

Store and Use Later: The syrup can be stored in the refrigerator, allowing you to enjoy watermelon flavor even out of season.

This syrup watermelon recipe is sure to be a favorite for its ease, versatility, and deliciously sweet taste.


In summary, watermelon syrup is a versatile and delicious ingredient that brings the essence of watermelon to a variety of foods and drinks. Its ease of use and delightful taste make it a favorite among both home cooks and professional chefs.

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