Red Devil Cocktail

The Red Devil Drink is a vibrant and Strong Drink. It is perfect for parties, special events, and outdoor fun. If you want to make your Own Delicious Red Devil cocktail, stay with us and Follow the Steps below.

How to Make Red Devil Cocktail Recipe?

Here are some ingredients and Steps to follow to make this recipe.


90ML White Rum

90ml Vodka

140ml Cranberry Juice

140ml Tropical Juice

2 tbsp Lime Juice ( Table Spoon)

½ tsp Red Chilli Flakes, crushed

2-3 drops of Red Food Colouring


1: Fill your Cocktail glass with ice cubes and chill in a freezer for 10 to 15 minutes

2: Take a shaker and fill 90ML of White Rum and 90ML of vodka.

3: Add 140 ML of fruity juice or tropical juice if you want a fruity base.

4: Squeeze your lime juice only 2tbsp

5: Now Sprinkle half tbsp Red chili flakes to get some spicy twist

6: Now add your red food coloring 2-3 drops only

7: That’s it, you have done it, shake everything really well until everything is chilled

8: Take out your Glass from the freezer and put

9: Strain the cocktail into your Glass. You can remove the ice and the chili flakes.

You’ve done; now just sip and Enjoy the bold flavors of Red Devil Cocktail.


Here is nutrition for your Kind Information in this Drink per serving

Calories: About 350-400 kcal

Fat: 0g

Protein: 0g

Carbohydrates: Around 30-40g

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Around 25%

Note this is the maximum and minimum facts about it. The exact amount of kcal and alcohol depends on your brand and how your drink is strong.


The key of making great Red Devil cocktail is balancing the flavors, and Feel free to experiment on your drink adjust the amount of red flakes and lime juice to make more delicious drink.

Try it at your home and don’t forget to tell us in comment box that’s how is your experience with it.

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