Snow Cone Syrup How to Make it With 3 ingredients Only

I loved snow cones when I was little. We used to get them at the Sno-Shack every time we went to buy groceries. It was a long drive to the store and had every flavor of snow cone syrup, so we didn’t go very often. But in the summer, we always purchase snow cones. They had many flavors to choose from. I always picked blue raspberry, but I still looked at all the other options.

My boys love snow cones, too. But we live close to the store now, so we often go there. And snow cones are not cheap. They cost a lot of money. So when I wanted to have a Frozen Party for them in July, I knew I had to have snow cones. They are perfect for a Frozen Party. But the snow cone syrup was too expensive. So, finally, I decided to make my own. It’s not hard at all! Let’s start

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How to make Snow Cone Syrup?

To make snow cone syrup Recipe is too easy. You need some Ingredients :


• One Cup of Water
• One small packet of fruit drink powder with no sugar or fruit juice.
• 1 Cup water

Methods to Make Recipe:

Step 1:
Put your sugar and water in a saucepan and mix them well. Heat it until it bubbles.
Step 2:
Cook for a little bit. Remove it from heat and stir in Drink mix Powder Kool-Aid until completely dissolved.

Step 3:
Let it cool, and Pour it in a bottle or a jar.
Step 4:
Store In a fridge until get ready.

Nutrition Facts

Snow cones are Sweet and Yummy, but they have a lot of sugar. Per ounce of the syrup has 90 calories, which is too high! But Sugar-free syrup has only 3.5 calories per ounce. That’s much better. But one thing: snow cone syrups are not healthy. They are just sugar and water with some flavor. They don’t have any vitamins or minerals. So enjoy your snow cones, but don’t eat too many!

Different flavors variations

There are many flavors you can choose for your ice cone, Depending on your flavor choice. Some popular flavors include cherry, lemon lime, blue Raspberry, grape and cola.

Other exotic flavors you can try are Bahama Mama, tiger’s blood, strawberry cheesecake, caramel, or tutti frutti. You can mix and match different flavors to create your unique Combination.


Ice cone syrup is the the most likely popular drink that people use in summer. Some ice lovers also make this in winter. It would help if you tried this most.
Happy drink. Comment below if you have any questions.

FAQS ( frequently asked questions)

Here are some common Questions mostly requested.

Q: Do you like coffee and citrus flavors?
A: you will love Café Cubano Sno-Cones! Which is easy to make and delicious. Just pour some lemon-lime syrup on one side of your shaved ice and some coffee syrup on the other. Then sprinkle some lemon and lime peels on top & Enjoy 🥂.

Q: How much syrup to pour on the ice cone per ounce?
A: It depends on how your snow cone is big. Here is a simple rule: For every 2 oz of ice, use one tablespoon of syrup. For example, if your snow cone is 4 oz, use two tablespoons of syrup. If your snow cone is 10 oz, use five tablespoons of syrup. That’s it!

Q: Should I need to store snow cone syrup in the refrigerator?
A: Snow cone syrup lasts for a long time, but its taste will be better if you use it for one or two years. You don’t need to put it in the fridge; keep away from direct sunlight and heat. That way, your snow cone syrup will stay yummy
Q: Which snow cone flavor is the most popular?
A: Year after year, the top three flavors are most popular:
• Cherry
• Blue Raspberry
• Grape

Enjoy And Don’t Hesitate If you have Any Question Comment Below.

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