Demerara Syrup Recipe: How to Make It

Do you want to make your cocktails more flavorful and rich? Then try demerara syrup, a simple syrup made with demerara sugar, a type of raw cane sugar with a caramel and molasses taste.

In this article, you will learn how to make it from scratch, store it, use it for different drinks, and the benefits of using it over regular sugar. πŸ“š

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What is Demerara Sugar? 🍚

Demerara sugar is a light brown sugar with a rough grain and a caramel-like flavor. It is made from sugarcane juice that is boiled and crystallized once, leaving some molasses and minerals. Demerara sugar is excellent for baking, sweetening drinks, and sprinkling on desserts. It comes from the Demerara region of Guyana in South America.

How To Make Demerara Syrup Cocktail 🍽️

A demerara syrup cocktail is a drink that uses syrup, a simple syrup made with demerara sugar, that has a caramel and molasses flavor. To make a demerara cocktail, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 150g; (3/4 cup) Demerara sugar 🍚
  • 150 grams (3/4 cup) Water πŸ’§
  • Mix half spoonfuls of demerara sugar and water into a pan.
  • Stir in heat over low and let the sugar dissolve.
  • Allow cooling before storing.

Storage Tipsβ€‚πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

Keep your syrup in a clean and air-tight container at refrigeration temperature. Adding just a little bit higher proof-alcohol like ever clear, one can prolong its shelf life up to three to four weeks.

You can use it in any cocktail that calls for simple syrup, especially those made with dark spirits like whiskey and rum. Some examples are the Old Fashioned, the Daiquiri, the Jungle Bird, and the Irish Coffee.

It is made from demerara sugar, a type of raw cane sugar with a caramel and molasses flavor. Brown sugar syrup is made from brown sugar, which is refined white sugar with added molasses. This syrup has a more natural and complex flavor than brown sugar syrup, which is sweeter and darker.

Yes, you can substitute this for simple syrup in most recipes, but you may need to adjust the amount depending on your taste. It has a more potent and richer flavor than simple syrup, so you may want to use less. You may also notice a slight change in the color and texture of your drink or dessert.


The Demerara syrup may sound simple to say. Still, it does have an extremely potent effect on various drinks by introducing the strong flavor of toasted and sweetened sugar into them… It gives cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages an additional mild but distinctive taste. Try this flexible sugar alternative and unveil new facets to your favorite drinks.

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