Southside Cocktail Recipe: A Timeless Classic

If you are looking for a refreshing gin drink that is easy to make and perfect for any occasion, try the Southside cocktail. The Southside Cocktail Recipe is a classic drink that originated in the Prohibition era when bootleggers used mint and lime to mask the harsh taste of their homemade gin.

Today, the Southside recipe is a popular choice for gin lovers who enjoy a balanced and refreshing drink with a hint of mint and citrus.

It, also known as the gin mojito, is similar to the famous Cuban drink. However, It uses simple syrup instead of sugar and lemon juice instead of lime juice. Some variations also add soda water or sparkling wine for some fizz and extra flavor.

In this article, we will show you how to make a Southside cocktail at home using simple ingredients and easy steps. We will also answer frequently asked questions about it and give you tips and tricks to improve it.

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What is in Southside Cocktail Recipe?

It is known to have emerged during the prohibition period and, therefore, carries a tale. Though some stories claim their origin from Chicago’s South Side, it is usually linked to the South Side Sportspeople’s Club of Long Island.

How to Make a Southside Cocktail Recipe 🍽️

To make a Southside, follow these simple home-finding ingredients:

  • Gin 🍸
  • Juice of fresh limes 🍋
  • simple syrup 🍯
  • Fresh mint leaves 🌿
  • Ice ❄️
  1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle the mint leaves with the simple syrup to release their flavor and aroma.
  2. Add the gin and lemon juice, and fill the shaker with ice cubes.
  3. Shake well for about 30 seconds or until the shaker is cold and frosty.
  4. Strain the cocktail into a chilled coupe glass or a rocks glass filled with ice cubes.
  5. Garnish with a mint sprig or a lemon wedge, if desired.
  6. Enjoy your Southside beverage!
Southside Gin Cocktail

You can use any gin you like for the Southside drink recipe, but we recommend using a dry gin or a London dry gin, as they have a crisp and clean flavor that works well with the mint and lemon. Some popular brands of gin that you can use are Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Beefeater, or Hendrick’s.

Simple syrup is a basic ingredient that you can use for many cocktails, and it is very easy to make at home. All you need is equal parts of sugar and water, and a saucepan.

If you like your Southside drink with some bubbles, add soda water or sparkling wine to it. To do this, follow the same steps as above, but strain the cocktail into a highball glass filled with ice cubes and top it off with your choice of fizz. You can use club soda, tonic water, seltzer water, or champagne. Adjust the amount of fizz according to your taste and preference.

The origin of the Southside cocktail is unclear, but it may be related to Chicago’s South Side district or the Southside Sportsmen’s Club on Long Island.

A Southside and a Mint Julep are both minty drinks with bourbon or gin, but a Southside uses lemon juice and simple syrup, while a Mint Julep uses water and sugar.


The Southside cocktail recipe is a refreshing gin drink that is easy to make and perfect for any occasion. It has a balanced and refreshing flavor, hinting of mint and citrus. It is also known as the gin mojito, originating in the Prohibition era. You can make it at home using simple ingredients and easy steps. You can also customize it by adding some fizz or changing the type of gin.

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