Best Quick Fuck Shot Recipe For 2024

The Quick Fuck Shot is a popular party shooter that’s known for its smooth taste and quick preparation. It typically requires just three ingredients. You’ll need coffee liqueur for a rich base, Irish cream liqueur for creamy sweetness, and a melon liqueur to add a fruity twist.

These three layers create a visually appealing shot and combine for a deliciously indulgent treat. Just layer them carefully in a shot glass, and you’re all set for a great start to your evening!

In this article, you will learn what this is, how to make this delicious cool drink and also flavorful variations and some faqs about this recipe.

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What is Quick Fuck Shot? 🥃

Easy Fuck Shot is a cool little drink that’s made by layering three tasty liqueurs in a shot glass. It’s got a kick of coffee flavor, a smooth, creamy middle, and a sweet fruity top. It’s a hit at parties because it’s easy to make, looks neat, and tastes great. Plus, it’s a fun name that gets everyone laughing!

How To Make A Quick Fuck Shot Recipe 🍻

Here, you will learn how to make this recipe. Follow our guides about this recipe and create a delightful blend.

It has consists of three main ingredients:

  • Coffee Liqueur
  • Melon Liqueur 🍈
  • Irish Cream 🥛
  • Pour coffee liqueur in the base of a shot glass.
  • Layer melon liqueur on top of the coffee liqueur.
  • Carefully layer Irish cream on top.

Enjoy your Quick Fuck drink recipe responsibly! 🍹

Flavorful Cool Variations 🔃

It has some cool variations that mix up the flavors and fun:

Flaming Lamborghini: This one’s a showstopper! It’s got layers of different liqueurs and is set on fire before you drink it.

Red, White, and Blue Shot: It’s like a patriotic party in a glass with layers of red, white, and blue liqueurs2.

Jello Shots: These are made by adding the shot ingredients to the jello mix. They’re shaky and super tasty.

B-52 Shot: This classic has coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and a layer of orange liqueur. It’s like a bit of dessert in a shot glass.

Remember, the key to a good Fuck Shot is the layering technique, so no matter what ingredients you choose, be sure to layer them carefully for the best presentation. Enjoy responsibly! 🍹

The name reflects the speed and ease of making the drink, and it’s a memorable, playful term that’s popular in bars.

Yes, you can use non-alcoholic syrups with similar flavors to create a mocktail version.

You’ll need coffee liqueur, melon liqueur, and Irish cream to make this layered shot.

Start with coffee liqueur, then carefully pour melon liqueur over the back of a spoon, and top with Irish cream using the same method.


In conclusion, the Quick Fuck Shot is a playful and delicious cocktail that’s perfect for those looking for a quick and easy drink to enjoy. Its simple combination of coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and melon liqueur makes it a hit at any gathering. Whether you’re a seasoned bartender or just starting, this shot will impress with its smooth layers and sweet, creamy taste. So, next time you’re in the mood for a fun drink, try this recipe and enjoy its lively flavors!

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