Apfelstrudel Shot Cocktail Recipe

The Apfelstrudel Shot is a delightful concoction that captures the essence of the traditional Austrian dessert, Apfelstrudel, in a glass. This shot is typically made by combining ingredients such as Haselnuss-Schnaps and Apfelsaft with a sprinkle of Zimt. The Apfelstrudel Shot Rezept is simple to follow, making it a popular choice for those looking to bring a touch of Viennese charm to their gatherings.

Another variant of this shot includes Liquor 43, a Spanish liqueur known for its unique blend of 43 herbs and spices, offering notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and orange peel. Whether served at a party or enjoyed on a quiet evening at home, the Apfelstrudel Shot tastes Austria in every sip.

What is an Apfelstrudel Shot? 🤔

An Apfelstrudel shot is a sweet drink that mixes the excellent taste of typical German apple pie into one glass. It’s a unique mix of apple juice, vodka, whipped cream, and cinnamon. The result? A tasty drink that tastes like your favorite apple pie but with a little extra oomph!

What’s in an Apfelstrudel Cocktail? 🍹

The Apfelstrudel chaser is a larger and stronger version of the shot. It mixes apple juice, rum that tastes like coconut, whipped cream, cinnamon powder, and an apple on top. Serve cold in a glass, and it’s the best fall dessert!

How to Make an Apfelstrudel Shot? 🍸

So, how do you make this tasty treat? Here’s how to do it: follow these steps.


  • Apple Juice
  • Vodka
  • Whipped Cream
  • Cinnamon


  • Put apple juice in a small cup.
  • Add vodka and mix.
  • Finish it with whipped cream.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

Serve and enjoy!

Why You’ll Like this Shot? 😍

If you like desserts and drinks, the apple strudel shot is perfect. It’s sweet and smooth and has a touch of heat from the cinnamon. Moreover, it is pretty simple to create!

Variations: Malibu & Licor 43 🥂

You can have fun in different ways with an Apfelstrudel shot. A Malibu, a coconut-flavored rum, can be added to this concoction for an extra tropical flavor. Another type uses Licor 43, a sweet Spanish drink with hints of citrus and vanilla. This makes the beverage even more complicated.

So, that’s it – you now know everything about the Apfelstrudel drink. If you’re having a party or want to experiment, this dessert drink will surely amaze people.

You’ve got your eye on these shots? Imagine having your favorite dessert, but it’s in a glass instead of a plate! What’s even better is how simple they are to make. They’re the perfect addition to any gathering and are always a crowd-pleaser—just a little tip – the tastier the ingredients, the more delicious the shot. And a dash of love never hurts. So, let’s raise a glass to good times and even better drinks. Cheers to that!

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