4 Horsemen Shot

you want to take a legendary Shot that’s like As it’s named 4 Horsemen Shot. Today we’ll make this Recipe and dive into the world of Cocktail Shots.
This Shot is the Combination of 4 different Whiskey’s. Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, and Jameson. Which is making the Strong Shot and making this Memorable.

How To Make 4 Horsemen Shot Recipe?

To make this Delicious Strong Recipe, you’ll need 4 ingredients.

Ingredients List 📝

¼ ounce Jim Beam
¼ ounce Jack Daniels
¼ ounce Johnnie Walker
¼ ounce Jameson

Recipe Method:

• Pour equal parts of all Whiskey’s into a shot glass
• Stur gently to combine it
• Down in one go – if you are daring!
That’s It you’ve done it.

Nutrition facts

A single Shot contains 130 calories and 14 grams of alcohol.
Make you Shot and please don’t forget you tell us how is your Experience.

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